HEMA Research and Sparring Team

We are a group dedicated to studying and practising HEMA.

Our goals

The Crosscut HEMA Research and Sparring Team is a sport association dedicated to HEMA trainings based on historical fencing manuals.

Non-profit operation

For our instructors HEMA is a passion. Therefore we are a non-profit organisation.

Continuous development of research quality

We develop a research methodology that provides our members with guidelines for high quality research activity.

Producing results and publishing them is a priority for us.

Dynamic research subjects

We combine our members' passion with efficient research methods. Research topics are revised twice a year based on the interest, the available sources and the results of the past period.

The research focus and research teams for the next period are agreed upon by the members.

Free flow of information

We believe that the results of our research should be available to the public. This includes translations, interpretations, teaching materials and publications.


We integrate theoretical research and practical experience. We strive to create an environment that allows our members to become proficient with the weapon of their choice.


Sabre: Arlow

Gusztáv Arlow, a Hungarian fencing instructor has published his book „Kardvívás” (~Sabre fencing) in 1902. It propagates the Italian style (mainly according to Barbasetti) that was quite popular in Hungary at the beginning of the 20th Century.

Arlow claims in the introduction of his book not only to provide an insight in the „Italian style” but to merge it with the „old Hungarian school” which was unfortunately not documented but might have provided useful technical elements that are to be preserved. The author also claims to provide training methodology in addition to the drills explained in his book.

Lead researcher: Alda Lukács

The complete material will be available for download soon.

Sabre: Domján

Description status: coming soon.

Lead researcher: Alda Lukács

The material is available for download HERE.

Sabre: Chappon

Description status: coming soon.

Lead researcher: Alda Lukács

The material is available for download HERE.

Sabre: Christmann

The research focuses on German sabre fencing based on the book Theoretisch-praktische Anleitung des Hau-Stoßfechtens und des schwadronhauens, nach einer ganz neuen methode by Friedrich Christian Christmann and Dr G. Pfeffinger published in 1838. Christmann named himself a professor of fencing, and he was also a member of various fencing academies.

The book gives a detailed look on the German tradition of sabre fencing in the first half of the 19th century. The central idea behind this fencing system is that sabre is a suitable weapon both for cutting and thrusting. This feature makes it unique compared to rapier, or other single-handed sword (e.g. "Pallasch") traditions in the authors' view.

The research is in the early stage of interpreting and experimenting with the techniques written in the source.

Lead researcher: Árpád Zsadányi

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We train every Tuesday from 6 to 9PM.

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